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JÄGER has been manufacturing and selling environmentally-friendly transportation equipment throughout the world for more than 50 years.



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only spare parts for, Wagon Pusher

for all junctions where a shunting locomotive is not profitable but (battery operated) shunting equipment always necessary. Easy to drive with new differential-steering gears. Operation from the rail track surface.
For rolling loads of

D-E-W Pz:

 Pushing power up to 10 laden wagons 4000KN



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only spare parts for, D-E-W 2W:

Pushing power up to 8 laden wagons 3200 KN - 1 Waggon = 40 tons



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only spare parts for, D-E-W-H :

Pushing power up to 5 laden wagons 2000 KN



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Towing Trucks

for tunnel kiln trolleys are used when automatic transport systems are not profitable but shunting equipment always required. Target markets: the ceramics and brick industries.



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only spare parts for, Electric Lifting Truck

  For refuse containers, rolling pallets, tractor trailers and bale waggons. Target market: the textile industry and other industries.
There are four types at your disposal:



EFZ-Hy 3,0

  - trailing load up to  3.000 daN

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EFZ-Hy 5,0

- trailing load up to  5.000 daN

EFZ-Hy 7,5

- trailing load up to  7.500 daN

EFZ-Hy  15,0

- trailing load up to 15.000 daN (Fig.)

Accumulator Charger

  Includes electronic charging switch. Easy handling due to automatic charging procedure. Primary 220 Volt ~, 50 Hz, Secondary 24 Volt = from 7 to 150 Amp. charging current. Other voltages available.



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